Silvia charro y simon perez salvame

Silvia charro y simon perez salvame

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The hurricane had started at 16.51h on December 13 on Forocoches with a thread titled «Has the best video of 2017 arrived in crunch time?». Inside, two economists were singing the great virtues of fixed mortgages. A video that would have been unwatchable were it not for the fact that Simón Pérez and Silvia Charro were apparently going at it like lice.
In a matter of hours, they were all over the media.  Both lost their jobs and were turned into human memes. They created a YouTube channel in which they tattooed the Forocoches logo for 200€ or simulated fellatios for 20€. A self-destructive spiral that did not seem to have a good ending.
Simón: I would have expected something positive. I have suffered in my own flesh that negative marketing works much better than positive marketing and something that is bad runs seven times more than something that is good. I was already in the media and a viral was something that could happen, but I did not expect it to have such important effects in my life. Neither so negative nor so important, not at all. I expected something more anecdotal, like the discussion with Ramoncín or the evicted people in TVE, the videos that were viral at the time, but not so strong.

Silvia charro simón pérez 2021

Last December, these economists became the viral phenomenon of the moment thanks to their video «Why are fixed mortgages so convenient?». Such was the success, that in little more than 24 hours it obtained more than 2 million views on YouTube. The people in charge: Silvia Charro and Simón Pérez, who talked about mortgages and the price of money. However, it was their behavior in front of the camera that made many suspect that perhaps they were under the effect of some substance.
Since then, two months have passed in which these two economic analysts are already a phenomenon in social networks. Away from their work and immersed in their more television facet, Charro and Perez are clear that their new destination will be Honduras. To do so, they want to show how they will manage to overcome the adversities that arise in the reality show. Two possible participants who are clear «we are willing to leave everything to go to Supervivientes».
In addition, if they finally end up being contestants in Supervivientes, it will serve to «shut mouths that have spoken too badly of us and show that I can be on an island for three months without taking anything, nothing, nothing at all». Now it’s time to wait for the organization to give the go-ahead to this proposal, not without game and criticism.

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If the objective of the recording of this video was the creation of two media personalities that everyone will talk about for as long as possible, it can certainly be considered a success story. But it should also be taken into account what the consequences may be, in terms of image and future professional projection of these two people. It is clear that fame costs, that it has a price, but in this specific case, it is very possible that the price they are paying/are going to pay in the business world is very expensive. Although, as youtubers, they are doing much better.
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Silvia charro y simon perez salvame 2021

Simón Pérez and Silvia Charro became the focus of attention for their video about mortgages. In it, the couple appeared in a very confusing situation, which gave a lot to talk about and made the video go viral.
A few months later, the couple tries to reinvent themselves and seeks their niche on YouTube as economic consultants. To promote their new consulting channel they went this Sunday to Chester de Risto Mejide. During their presentation, they assured that from Monday to Friday they offer economic tutorials, while on Saturdays they prepare other types of content. This is when the alarm went off for Risto, since the couple assured that, for example, last Saturday they asked for 20 euros in their videos as a bet that Silvia would drink a liter of wine live. Faced with this kind of practices, Risto Mejide did not hesitate to tell Simón Pérez and Silvia Charro off. The presenter advised them not to confuse fame with prestige, since «you are hitting the bottom and you could end up very badly».