Casa de pablo iglesias en galapagar

Casa de pablo iglesias en galapagar

Casa pablo iglesias galapagar

The fashionable couple, Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero have paid 615,000 euros for their new house in the area of La Navata, an area of villas on the outskirts of Galapagar. A house of 260 m2 on one floor with a large garden, orchard and swimming pool. We review the prices of housing in this locality. Read more
The decision of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero to buy a house and move to La Navata, in Galapagar (Madrid), has made rivers of ink run these days with all the details and analysis about their plans. But outside the political and media sphere, the decision as a family is quite normal in the area. A change that I have lived in first person a few months ago. Read more

Casa pablo iglesias precio

Pablo Iglesias Turrión (pronunciación en español: [ˈpaβlo iˈɣlesjas tuˈrjon]; nacido el 17 de octubre de 1978) es un ex político español que fue vicepresidente segundo del Gobierno y ministro de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030 del Gobierno de España entre 2020 y 2021. Fue secretario general de Podemos desde 2014 hasta 2021, organización que ayudó a fundar.
Antes, fue profesor de Ciencias Políticas en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y presentador de televisión. Fue elegido diputado al Parlamento Europeo en las elecciones de 2014 como principal candidato del recién creado Podemos. El 15 de marzo anunció que dejaría el gobierno para presentarse en la lista de Unidos Podemos a las elecciones autonómicas madrileñas de 2021,[1][2] dejando la política poco después de los malos resultados de Unidos Podemos en las urnas[3].
Pablo Manuel Iglesias Turrión nació el 17 de octubre de 1978 en Madrid,[4][n. 1] hijo de Luisa Turrión, abogada del sindicato CCOO (e hija del histórico militante del PSOE Manuel Turrión de Eusebio),[6] y de Javier Iglesias, inspector de trabajo y profesor de historia jubilado, y, según Iglesias, ex miembro del Frente Patriótico Revolucionario Antifascista. [7][n. 2] Iglesias recibió el nombre de Pablo en honor a Pablo Iglesias, líder del movimiento obrero que fundó el Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) en 1879[9].

Pablo iglesias mansion

The residential area of luxury villas where Pablo Iglesias lives, La Navata de Galapagar, is one of the safest against squatters. The urbanization is under police surveillance 24 hours a day. The tranquility that is breathed in the area, in addition to security, has nothing to do with the hell they are living in Eurovillas, with 52 luxury villas squatted in the town of Nuevo Baztan (Madrid). Something unthinkable in La Navata.
Two agents of the National Police, who are now guarding the new sentry box placed at the foot of the mansion of the Second Vice President of the Government, tell us that there are always two officers at the gates of the chalet of Iglesias and Montero. In addition, they affirm that other plainclothes agents patrol the entire urbanization 24 hours a day. Security is total and the community of residents feels it.
One of the communist ministers’ neighbors, a middle-aged, well-groomed man, pulls out of his garage in a Range Rover. «There is no fear of squatters here. Since Pablo Iglesias has arrived, the police presence has increased a lot. Nobody used to come up to this area and it was much more lonely. The truth is that we are not afraid that they will attack our houses now, although it is true that things are very bad, but here they would be caught for sure,» he comments from his stationary vehicle.

New home for pablo iglesias

On May 4, following the resounding defeat of Podemos in the elections to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias decided to make a script change in his life: he announced the abandonment of political life, resigning from all his organic positions and announcing that he would not pick up the deputy’s seat in the Assembly of Madrid.
And although he has been one of the most pronounced names this weekend in the Citizens’ Assembly of the purple party, the truth is that the former second vice president of the Government has been the great absentee of the event, which has resulted in the election of the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra as the new leader of the formation with which it shares, under the baton of Pedro Sanchez, the PSOE Government.