Pau eche instagram

Pau eche instagram

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There is no publication of Paula Echevarría that goes unnoticed, but this one has melted her fans. In 24 hours it has managed to accumulate thousands of ‘likes’, including those of well-known faces from the world of television as Ana Obregón, Nuria Roca and Isabel Jiménez.
«I love them very much,» Paula wrote next to the image, taken by Daniella during the «girls and girl’s lunch», held at the restaurant La Fonda Lironda (Madrid), owned by her friend, the businessman Chiqui Calleja, co-founder of the Larrumba Group.

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In fact, as we were anticipating, Paula herself had already shown us this dress in which she makes ‘tipazo’ in full forties, but in a powerful pink tone and long sleeves with shoulder pads protagonists, more in line with the temperature of that moment.
Both dresses would be ideal as a guest look, but the interpreter has shown that, if combined with summer accessories, they are also great for a special everyday night. The good news? That both are in the sale section of the brand and are still available in the online store from size XS to XL for a price of 105 euros in the case of the orange dress and 151 euros for the pink one.


Continue readingBut today our fitness inspiration to get rid of the pounds we have taken this summer is Paula Echevarría. The actress is carrying out a plan to recover after the vacations and today she has given it all on the elliptical trainer, in front of all her Instagram followers. Do you remember when she confessed to have gained 4 kilos for love? Well, now our favorite actress considers that she has 6 kilos left over, but that her motivation to lose them is total and absolute.Thank you, Paula!Beauty tips.
Goodbye, swollen belly! 10 foods for a flat stomachContinue readingHow to slim your figure like Paula EchevarríaIt is normal that, after a relaxing summer, you have gained a few kilos and now you need to lose them. In this case, we advise you to prioritize cardio time by going for a run or using machines like Paula’s elliptical trainer. In addition, it will help you to give up ultra-processed foods once and for all and also change habits, such as those foods full of calories that you snack on between meals (or, directly, not to do so as nutritionists advise). That, together with a daily exercise routine at home, will be enough. If Paula is not your motivation for the day, we don’t know what will be.

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It is confirmed: María Pedraza and Álex González are together. The actors are in Marbella filming the second season of Toy Boy, a series that debuted on Antena 3 but has hit the big time on Netflix. There they have been photographed while shopping at a supermarket.
Álex González will be the main attraction of the second season of Toy Boy.  The series, which scored discrete audience data on Antena 3, got the renewal thanks to the international repercussion it had by being in the Netflix catalog, where it reached the TOP 10 in many countries.
Both star in «Fuimos Canciones», a miniseries based on Elisabet Benavent’s bilogy MADRID, 23 (CHANCE) María Valverde and Álex González boast of their harmony in the filming of ‘Fuimos Canciones’, in which they have been immersed for almost three months. Leaving their skin in a long day of shooting as Maca and Leo, the protagonists put themselves in the hands of director Juana Macias who will bring to Netflix’s digital platform the biology of «Fuimos Canciones» and «Seremos recuerdos» by writer Elísabet Benavent.