Revitalizing de alain

Revitalizing de alain

Alain gain senso

Cream that brings to the skin the anti-aging activity obtained from the Grenoble Nut: it reinforces the antioxidant defenses against environmental aggressions: UV radiation and pollutants from fumes, regenerating the tissues.
It is a cream with a high concentration of collagen, the main structural element of the skin. This protein also manages to significantly increase the water retention capacity of the epidermis, giving it an extraordinary elasticity. The properties…
Anti-wrinkle facial serum with intensive action retinol. Repairing and very effective to combat expression marks, wrinkles, loss of firmness and lack of elasticity. This facial serum, with retinol concentrate and intensive action, is formulated with an anti-aging plant active ingredient that limits the…

Revitalizing cream by alain

The two have the same formulation, the giant Mercadona has the rights to the SISBELA cream manufactured by Starhealthacare laboratories, in June 2015 bought a factory in liquidation dedicated to the manufacture of cosmetics, and in 2016 began distribution with Mercadona under the brand name Sisbela.
Both brands share the same mixers in the Granada factory, with ingredients such as RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) an antioxidant and cell regenerator and DNA (Dexorribonucleic Acid) with firming and nourishing function, Starhealthcare is its distributor.
Many basic creams that we find in large chains are creams with few components and are basically water.    But in this case we can talk about a very broad combination with vitamins and other components that help moisturize, nourish and regenerate our skin.

Alain gain mercadona

As the portal ‘Economía Digital’ revealed, the two products are made with the same ingredients, contain the same active ingredients, are produced in the same reactors and share mixers in a factory in Granada. Both contain ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the 50-milliliter bottles. They are the same, the name of the cosmetic changes and the price, even the container of both is very similar.
The million-dollar question is how is it possible that there is such an abysmal difference in price. Star Healthcare is clear: «it is not the same to sell 400 units instead of 5,000. The turnover is completely different. The supermarket can assume higher purchase quantities and then, by reducing the profit margin, can offer a price that breaks the market.
David JuarezFrom the marketing company they recognize that they now foresee that sales of Alain’s Revitalizing may drop on the official website, but it is a risk they take without problems. «The price of 84 euros is symbolic, we prefer that the cream reaches everyone rather than just 400 customers,» they say.

Alain cream review

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